Friday, September 19, 2014

Game Changers: Introducing Intelligence on Demand

The demands on decision-makers who leverage intelligence are ever increasing while response times required have dramatically decreased.  The new mantra is Intelligence on Demand [IOD]; that is, intelligence at your fingertips to enable solutions that are applied to basic and complex scenarios. IOD solidifies the proof points required for decision-making with new cutting-edge tools and techniques that provide a proven roadmap to clear and concise results that win in the marketplace and ignite growth.

The new intelligence professional is prepared for a global role that requires advanced strategic intelligence expertise that can be learned anytime, anywhere, across industries and is applicable to a variety of operational disciplines with touch points across the planning process.    

SCIP will lead the transition from “traditional CI” to this new form of Intelligence Professional through the application and rollout of Intelligence on Demand solutions.

SCIP will be launching a series of “game changers” that will revolutionize the intelligence industry over the next several months.

Are YOU ready to join us and change the game, forever?

Our membership is comprised of practitioners, consultants, academics and students, and as such, we will not exclude or limit the vast experience that enables people to share and learn. We embrace the future and the ever-changing definition of intelligence decision-making and support capabilities.

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