Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Letter from SCIP’s Executive Director

By Nan Bulger
Executive Director, CEO

Intelligence Solving Wicked Problems – How CI Practices are Contributing to the Betterment of the World

Competitive intelligence has been increasing its popularity among businesses to collect, interpret, and disseminate decision support and decision enablement findings through cohesive alliance with strategic management and other critical decision makers.

The high demand for CI is a result of the dynamics of global competition and the critical importance of innovation and technology in the success of organizations. The emergence of new information technologies and the relatively low price of gaining data resources allows for reduced reaction time and an increase of high-quality outputs that greatly facilitate the decision-making process.

The good news is that intelligence is now recognized by strategic decision makers as an effective method of solving issues in all aspects of life. Our frameworks, technology, processes, and tools are directly applicable to the necessary requirements to solve problems that are critical to the greater community. That is why SCIP has created SCIP for a Better World. This community of creators allows you to make a difference while using skills that are needed in all areas of our lives. To hear more about this, contact SCIP's Executive Director and CEO, Nan Bulger.

Read this issue of the scip.insight eBulletin to learn more about the contribution of CI to the betterment of the world.


Nan Bulger
Executive Director, CEO

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