Wednesday, June 21, 2017

SCIP University: Education, Certification and Training on Demand

By Michelle Winter
Director, Global Chapter Management
and Education Programs


A SCIP Certification can improve your knowledge and expertise in a set of essential analytic skills backed by instructors with analytics expertise worldwide. With SCIP,  you can count on 32 years of training excellence, over 60,000 trained professionals, customized learning formats and instruction based on solid expertise that is designed for on the job, practical application. 

Whether an in person intensive or boot camp certification, on-demand learning or self-paced professional development,  SCIP provides training in a number of aspects of decision support across industry, discipline and region at an affordable cost.  We believe it is more important to arm you with professional skills that you can use the day you return to the office rather than instruct using abstract theory.  

What’s New at SCIP U?

Our CAP (Certified Analytics Professional) Certification is offered at our In-Person Intensives and Regional Boot Camps via structured interactive learning experiences.   Learn. Serve. Grow, is the foundation of our  CAP certification programs and is dedicated to the development of the "whole professional LEARN. SERVE. GROW.  The Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Certification Program.

Students will earn points toward a SCIP Certified Analytics Professional  (CAP) Certification by participating in a myriad of learning opportunities including traditional teaching methods, intensive in-person instruction, certificate based e-learning modules, webinar engagement, hands on training, mentoring, publishing opportunities, volunteerism, philanthropic works, local chapter engagement and speaking options.  Your training is not a set of courses but an immersion in a set of solutions that help to teach the individual necessary decision support skills [LEARN], volunteer opportunities, best practice share, chapter participation [SERVE] and enablement to utilize those skills in practical areas with hands on training, speaking and publishing opportunities [GROW] .

For more information about our Certification programs, Interactive Intensives and Boot Camp, please visit or contact Michelle Winter at


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