Tuesday, March 25, 2014


scip.insight March 2014
Introducing SCIP's New Website

By Nan Bulger
Executive Director, CEO

We are pleased to announce the launching of the new SCIP website with an entirely new design, updated infrastructure, and renovated architecture. It is redesigned specifically to improve the member user experience, to better represent the key capabilities, competencies, content and functions of the organization, and to make it easier to access to the site’s most popular resources.

We have paid special attention to the content discoverability and performance improvement. For example, every SCIP chapter will have its own page, containing all the events, meetings, and news related to each respective chapter. Every chair will be able to control his or her own chapter page and update members with the most recent and appropriate information on that chapter, including forms, documents, events, and information pertaining to their chapter’s operations. Note that we have now added more information for our Student Chapters, including instructions on joining and opening new ones, and a special SCIP Student Careers section, dedicated to helping students find professional opportunities.

Our events page offers the most up-to-date list of SCIP education programs making it even easier for you to find the events that interest you. The Events Calendar section provides a full listing of upcoming events in any given month. Under the Events tab you can also find detailed information for our past and upcoming Webinar series, Chapter Meetings and Special Events. There is also a new dedicated section devoted to SCIP’s Conferences and Summits, where you can find a list of all the past and future conferences with content from that conference.

The SCIP Newsroom section features the new SCIP owned blog with useful insights related to the field of intelligence. You will also have the capability to follow the growing archive of the latest CI industry news in the SCIP News section.

The SCIP Publications section is alive and well featuring a list of all the current publications available to the members. This new feature provides for easy to navigate lists that will enable you to find the magazine or newsletter you are looking to obtain and features virtual industry analysis used to evaluate opportunity & competition, develop business strategies and plans.

The virtual business card, in the Member Spotlight section, avails every SCIP member with their own profile card and is accompanied by a new personal profile page which you will be able to update and control. Are you a solutions provider? You will also have your own page where you will have the ability to showcase your services and whereby the practitioner will have the option to search by various categories leading to you.

Interested in volunteering? We have included a How to Volunteer guide in the Membership section of the website. There you will locate detailed information on the different ways in which you can contribute to the SCIP community.

The SCIP team is looking forward to providing our valued members with a website that meets their current and future needs. You can expect this one-stop resource for “everything SCIP” to go live in Spring 2014. This is yet another marker on the road ahead and the journey to excellence for SCIP’s service to its members. This is our commitment to you.

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