Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Letter from SCIP’s Executive Director

By Nan Bulger

Executive Director, CEO

Competitive intelligence is spreading globally and having a disciplined focus on it is determined primarily by the size of the company, the corporate culture and the level of effort focus required.  That said, even in small companies a new trend is emerging rapidly. Certain fields - for example, business strategy, marketing, and finance, - are a subset of disciplines which continuously take advantage of intelligence support, partnership and outputs.

The strategy, marketing, or finance professional, gains a true competitive advantage in the market place with skills in integrated intelligence that ensure their ability to better innovate and develop growth drivers and insights to generate actionable strategies for better competitive positioning.

In order to understand the trends and dynamics your particular marketplace faces, you need to look beyond that data and beyond the requirements of your own discipline to understand the true overall competitive landscape and engage in the development of analytics that supports this across disciplines and brings all aspects of intelligence, including but not limited to economic, technical, market, competitor and business intelligence drivers into play. 

Get ready for the new intelligence model that combines all aspects of intelligence and integrates it with every major discipline within the organization!


Nan Bulger

Executive Director, CEO

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