Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Letter from SCIP’s Executive Director

By Nan Bulger
Executive Director, CEO

Crowd Sourcing and Social Media Intelligence: Understanding the Customer Experience through Intelligence Capabilities

With the launch of Web 2.0, in which all web users have the opportunity to share information with ease and unprecedented speed, crowdsourcing was facilitated to a huge extent and the collaborative performance has been implemented into a number of activities. Crowdsourcing is already being implemented within many organizations around the world, which understand that when collected, the intelligence coming from a broader circle of people with diverse sources of knowledge and experiences always produces a greater value. The rationale is that the group responds to any issue with the advantage of diversity of viewpoints that multiplies the variety of alternatives that can be implemented into the decision making process. This pool of sources facilitates the process of deciphering the constantly changing market needs.

Social media today has turned into an ultimate platform offering ceaseless crowdsourcing possibilities. Social networks are not only the new communication channels of companies, but they also offer the opportunity to interact and converse with customers, and, thus, provide us with the possibility to ask, analyze, and gain insights on information that can be further refined and adapted to the target market. Those who are already taking advantage of social media crowdsourcing would know that it is an excellent way to obtain priceless data on the market and to receive direct feedback from customers. It can perfectly serve as a channel to involve customers in the process of design, creation, and enhancement of new products or services. It will help you develop your products and services while focusing on the needs of the customers and, at the same time, will increase your competitive advantage.

The intelligence capabilities of social media crowdsourcing are innumerable. Read this issue of the scip.insight eBulletin to learn more about proven successful techniques and high valued methodologies to make the most of this great intelligence source!


Nan Bulger
Executive Director, CEO

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